If you're a car consumer in Malvern, Devon, or Phoenixville interested in driving the outstanding Audi A6, then you probably want to know everything that there is to know about this top-quality luxury sedan. Fortunately, with this page provided by Audi Devon, you can get important information about the A6, including its available trim levels and performance features.

Audi A6 Review

The best way to decide if a vehicle is right for you is by reading a review, and on this page, you can find a link to an Audi A6 review that will tell you all about this incredible automobile. After reading the linked review, you know about the best features of the A6 and be able to decide if this luxury sedan meets your needs.


When researching a vehicle, most people want to know about the horsepower provided by this engine. If you choose to hit the road in the A6, you'll have access to 354 horsepower, ensuring that every drive you take in this automobile is as easy as possible.


Another benefit of this page is that you can learn about the outstanding Audi A6 specs. For instance, you'll be able to find out the EPA-estimated ratings of this world-class sedan to make sure you have the fuel efficiency you need. You can also check out interior measurements so that you can decide if this sedan provides the cabin space that you and your passengers need.


If you want to make sure your next automobile provides your perfect features, you need to choose the right trim levels. Fortunately, there are four top-notch Audi A6 trims that will provide you with features unmatched in other sedans. The trims of the A6 are the Sport, Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige.

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