Audi Breaking the Headlight Mold with New Matrix LED Headlamps for the A8

A common feature for luxury autos and even some economy models, now, are automatic headlights. Taking cues from the amount of light, outside, auto headlights are able to switch on and off in response.

And, while Audi, a known innovator, has offered automatic headlights for quite a while, now, for the 2014 model year and in select markets, it is taking its offering a step further with all-new Matrix LED headlamps.

In the regions where the technology is street-legal, the new Audi Matrix LED headlamps will debut in the all-new Audi A8 which the German automaker promises we will see by this year's end. Undergoing a mid-cycle refresh, the Audi A8 will present with a whole host of exciting upgrades not the least of which include the amazing Matrix LED headlamps.

So, how do they work?

Audi's brand-new Matrix LED headlamps are designed in such a way that they are composed of 25 high-beam LED lights dispersed over five separate reflectors. Unlike the auto high beams/headlights mentioned above, however, Matrix LEDs are able to turn off just the individual lights that would shine in the eyes of oncoming drivers, yet still leaving the high-beam light on the shoulder and unoccupied parts of the road, making them the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art mechanisms soon to be available.

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