Audi TDI Models Cause Gas Station Confusion

You knew you wanted luxury. You knew you wanted performance. You knew you wanted fuel efficiency. You went with an Audi TDI model.

Not everyone is going to know your back story, though, so don't be surprised when you go to fill up your new Audi if someone tries to tell you that you can't use your vehicle at the diesel bump. It's not their fault; they just aren't used to seeing a vehicle that isn't a pickup truck using this fuel source.

This is certainly one of Audi's most hilarious commercials, and if you are TDI owner you'll have to let us know if similar situations have happened to you.

At YBH Audi we have a great selection of vehicles.  Diesel options are available in the following models:  A6, A7, A8L, Q5, and Q7. Visit our Edgemont, PA dealership to test drive any of our luxury vehicles. 

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