Light Up the Night with Audi Matrix LEDs

If you pick the right luxury vehicle--ahem, an Audi--it's easy to stand out. Cross that with the new technology that's offered in the 2015 models on our lot, and you're destined to even more. Take, for example, the Matrix LED Headlamps available on the new A8. Using an innovative take on LED technology, these lighting elements offer a look that's unique, but undeniably Audi.

How do they work, you might ask? The lighting element is made up of several diodes which combined produce light at 5,500 Kelvin--about the same amount as actual daylight. In night driving, this allows drivers to see a wider swath of the road, giving you the power to see and react more quickly.

Learn more about the technology in the video below.

Are you an Edgemont, PA driver on the market for a new luxury auto? If so, then our new Audi lineup is more than your ticket. Drop by our showroom and get acquainted with our lineup.

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