Audi Has an Eye for Comedy

Audi makes great vehicles, but it turns out that's not their only talent. About two weeks ago, on April Fool's Day, we learned that Audi also has a talent for pulling hilarious pranks. Watch the video below to see the prank they played on their fans.

Here at Audi Devon we can't get enough of this video. With all the great technology that Audi has come up with for its vehicles, this autonomous office chair could be a plausible invention; that's why we think it's such a great prank. Although this high-tech chair is not actually going into production, there's still a lot of great technology you can enjoy in Audi vehicles.

If you'd like to see some of that technology for yourself, come on over to our Devon, PA dealership. We may not have any self-driving office chairs, but we do have a number of great new Audi models available that we would love to show you.,/p>

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