Audi and the Art of the Cameo

As a sponsor of the new Avengers movie, Audi is excited for the movie's upcoming arrival in theaters. To get fans excited for the movie, Audi has enlisted the help of Stan Lee and his Cameo school. Check out the video below, where he teaches students the art of the cameo; you might even see an Audi vehicle in a cameo of its own.

As you can see, Stan Lee is passing on his cameo expertise to the next generation in honor of the Avengers movie. Our favorite one of his cameo students was the Audi S8 that appeared at the end. This vehicle has an incredible turbocharged 520-horsepower engine that provides the amazing performance to match its luxurious interior. This vehicle can't help but turn heads, whether it's driving down the street or making a quick appearance in a superhero movie. Here at Audi Devon we think that is this vehicle had a cameo in a movie, it would steal the whole show.

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