Best Main Line Food Trucks

When it comes to finding good eats on the Main Line, food trucks are where it’s at. With so many options to choose from and affordable prices to boot, you can try a bunch in a sitting and make yourself a unique and tasty meal. Here are a few of our favorite Main Line food trucks.

The Cow and the Curd

Serving up your classic Midwest flavors Wisconsin style, The Cow and the Curd food truck offers one of a kind cheese curds. While you might not have known that you needed cheese curds in your life, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing as soon as you get a taste. In fact, when you grab a serving from The Cow and the Curd, you’ll enjoy curds that were featured on NBC's 1st Look | Best Fried Foods in America.

For more information on The Cow and the Curd, check out their website.

Ka’chi Truck

Serving up incredible street food on the Main Line, Ka’chi Truck brings Korean street food to the hungry bellies of Philadelphians across the city. The food truck specializes in serving up Korean-inspired dishes with an exciting and interesting twist, complete with a modern flair and fresh ingredients. When you grab a plate from Ka’chi Truck, you’ll enjoy family recipes like the Seoul Bowl, Soba Noodles, Japchae, and Sloppy Chos that are mouth-watering, all at unbeatable prices.

Learn more about Ka’chi Truck on their website.

The Sunflower Truck Stop

Serving up some of the same incredible dishes you’re used to seeing on the menu at Shorty’s Sunflower Café, The Sunflower Truck Stop is a new expansion of one of the Main Line’s favorite restaurants. The food truck specializes in serving up food fresh from the farm-to-table movement that will have your mouth watering. The truck is on the road at all of your favorite Main Line events, including local festivals, but you’ll also find it at local farmers’ markets.

For more information about The Sunflower Truck Stop, including public events, check out their website.

Surf and Turf Truck

Serving up wild caught and domestic seafood without preservatives or fillers, Surf and Turf Truck is a local Philadelphia staple. The food truck specializes in serving high-quality seafood items that you might otherwise expect to find at a local sit-down seafood restaurant. Surf and Turf Truck offers lobster rolls, surf and turf rolls, bisque and fry options, and even vegetarian food options, and those are just on their lunch menu.

For more information about Surf and Turf Truck and where you can find them next, check out their official website.


Serving up creative, delicious, and gourmet donuts, the gourmet food truck UNDRGRND Donuts is a Philadelphia indulgence. The food truck specializes in handmade specialty donuts in select locations around the city. With UNDRGRND Donuts, you’ll get high-quality donuts made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients that will melt in your mouth. The UNDRGRND Donuts food truck can often be found at Love Park, but they’re also available for private event bookings, including weddings, family parties, and more.

Learn more about their delicious goods on their website.

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