Have you noticed a squeaking sound as you push down on the brake pedal while driving around Devon and Malvern? There can be various reasons why you have squeaky brakes. In order to help you figure out what is causing this issue and the steps you can take to stop your brakes from squeaking, our team here at Audi Devon has listed the most common reasons your brakes are squeaking.

Rust on the Rotors

One explanation for squeaky brakes could be due to rust that's on your vehicle's rotors. If it's recently rained or if the humidity's been high, excessive moisture can accumulate on the brake rotors. This moisture can cause a layer of rust to develop.

When the brake pads then press against the rotors, it often will make a squeaking sound as that rust is scraped off. If this is the cause for your squeaking brakes, the issue will take care of itself. The pads will continue to rub the rust off until it is gone, and the noise will stop.

Brake Pads Are Worn

If the squeaking noise continues while braking, the issue may be caused by something other than rust. It could be an indication your vehicle's brake pads need to be replaced. Over time, the pads will wear down due to the friction that is created when stopping your vehicle.

When the pads become too worn, you may hear a squeaking sound. You'll want to have the brake pads replaced as soon as possible, not only to stop the annoyance of squeaking brakes but also to safely slow down your vehicle when braking.

Drum Brakes Aren't Lubricated Enough

Some vehicles use drum brakes on the back wheels, so if you hear the squeaking sound coming from the direction of your vehicle's rear wheels, it could be a problem with these types of brakes.

Drum brakes also rely on the force of friction to slow down your vehicle. Within your drum-braking system, there is also lubrication that keeps the moving metal parts from grinding against one another.

If there isn't enough lubrication, these components will come in contact, which may result in a squeaking sound. If this is the case, you'll want to have your braking system lubricated so these parts don't damage one another.

Need to Have Your Brakes Serviced?

In order to fix persistently squeaky brakes, the best plan of action is to have your vehicle serviced by professionals. We have a team of trained technicians who can perform various services to your brakes.

They will be able to inspect your vehicle's entire system to see what is causing the squeaking sound. They then will replace worn-out brake pads with ones made of the best material and check to make sure there is enough brake fluid.

Get Rid of That Squeaking Sound Today!

Contact us at Audi Devon to schedule an appointment to have your brakes fixed. Our technicians will figure out what is causing your brakes to squeak and get you back to driving safely and braking quietly around Devon and Malvern.

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