What is the Right Tire Pressure For My Audi?

As the first point of contact between your vehicle and the road ahead, your tires play an important role in both vehicle performance and safety. That's why getting the tire pressure right is vitally important. Today we're answering one of the most common questions we get in the service department at Audi Devon about tires.

What's the Importance of Correct Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure is what determines how much of the tire is meeting with the road. There are a few things affected by tire pressure. Let's talk about that for a moment.

Ride Quality

The air inside a tire absorbs much of the bumps in the road; with less air pressure, you get less feeling, and with more air, you get too much. Correct tire pressure is also important because it can affect the handling of the vehicle, which is a safety hazard. You need the correct pressure so when you steer the vehicle, it goes in your desired direction.

Tire Health

The air in tires helps to ensure the tires stay healthy for their entire lives. With too much air, there's increased pressure on the material of the tires and it's less elastic. It'll be more likely to get damaged from the road. On the other hand, with not enough air, there's increased pressure on the material due to the weight of the vehicle and it'll likely get damaged. The best situation? Perfect tire pressure. But what is that perfect tire pressure?

What's the Right Tire Pressure for My Audi?

Each vehicle is different, and each tire is different. If you keep the manufacturer tires on your vehicle, you'll be able to get the information you need in one of two places: on the tire, or in the owner's manual.

How to Read the Sidewall of a Tire

The sidewall of the tire has a great deal of information on it. It tells you the size, brand, model number, and more. But what you're looking for is a number before "psi." For many tires, the correct pressure is 40 psi. For others, it's 44 psi. Check the tire or speak to a service professional to get your correct tire pressure.

Where to Find Tire Pressure in the Manual

Another place to find this number is in the owner's manual. In the maintenance section, you'll find detailed information about how to care for different parts of your vehicle, and one of those is your tires. Check here for the recommended tires and tire pressure for your specific vehicle.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Audi Devon

If your Audi vehicle is losing tire pressure more often than you feel it should, your vehicle may need a tire repair or replacement. Bring your vehicle in to the service team at Audi Devon for a tire inspection and let us help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Incorrect tire pressure can be a dangerous way to drive, so be sure to get the service done as soon as possible by schedule a service appointment online.

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